ESPERANTO is a NSFW webcomic by Vortex®

Esperanto 1 - page 17

22nd Nov 2022, 6:45 AM
Esperanto 1 - page 17
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Hello Everybody

Fergal is an astronaut that is coming back to Earth. Due to a calculation error, he falls in the wrong place and finds a lot of former students of an Australian girls' boarding school who have been shipwrecked on a Pacific Island. And well, the thing is, those girls don't see a man since a long time ago…
I have the idea for ESPERANTO two years ago, I started to draw some pages, but I didn't find any publisher interested. I had to work for hire in some comics for several authors, and the project was stuck for a long time. Then I had some free time, and I started with Cruel Summers. I had the idea of upload it to Comicfury, and it was a good idea, hundreds of visitors, hundreds of followers. I created a Patreon and I started to earn some cash with NSFW comics. And I remembered Esperanto then. I finished the first chapter and here we are.
This is Esperanto, I hope you enjoy it.

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